Why Hypnosis?

Having spent my entire professional career teaching and coaching individuals, I came to see clearly how we often put roadblocks in front of ourselves. Therapeutic hypnosis is a proven, evidence-based way to break past those roadblocks. The best part to me is that it is not woo-woo magic or mysticism, but simply getting in sync with how your brain works and helping you move forward.

Hypnosis is a normal, natural “learning state.” It is not about giving away your control, but taking back control of your own subconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviors to improve your life and outlook.

There are two key concepts for understanding why hypnosis works.

Homeostasis: Homeostasis is our unconscious drive to “stay the same.” Among my coaching clients, time and time again I observed those who cognitively knew what they needed to do, but got stuck somewhere along the way in implementing it. While we may consciously desire to change our feelings, reactions or habits, at a deeper level our subconscious defense mechanisms seek to preserve the status quo and resist all efforts to change. So while talking, planning, discussion and rational understanding of behavior are all important concepts, they do not address our subconscious tendency to sabotage our success and efforts to change.

Neuroplasticity:  Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change throughout an individual’s life. This is good news as our ability to change thoughts, emotional responses and behavioral habits is dependent on the flexibility of our mind. Hypnotherapy uses a variety of therapeutic modalities to facilitate the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral flexibility needed to overcome homeostasis and release our subconscious tendency to sabotage our success.

Think of a Hypnotherapist as a Coach for the Subconscious Mind.

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